Past projects

sofa promo picture The Nodines
Rick Nodine Rick has worked in Dance as a choreographer, perfromer and teacher for a number of years. His practice is mainly around improvisation for, in and as performance. Recently we developed The Nodines along with Simonetta Alessandri and their daughter Stella and Jamie McCarthy. The Nodines is now on tour. I am working with Rick to develop Sonic Bodies a movement and sound durational installation project.

Shane Shambhu Shane Shambhu uses his inimitable wit, charm and mesmerising movement to create a dramatic and humorous new solo production with an acclaimed team of collaborators. By reflecting on his personal narrative of learning and performing Indian dance in the UK, Shane plays with the ways in which race, language and identity are perceived. I am working with Shane to produce this work.

Windibops 2016 tour picture

Moxie Brawl / Windibops Windibops is a new rib-tickling, inclusive and fun dance piece for families and children aged 4-100. With moving lab tables, fart jars, cows and test tubes we create a colourful and interactive world of experiences to bring dance and science together in a mesmerising ball of fun.  Sarah and her team still tour Windibops.

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Sadhana Dance Sadhana Dance present high quality work that brings together the sectors of art and science appealing to a range of audiences from across the world and is a key advocate for the UK’s South Asian dance sector. Sadhana’s particular distinctiveness derives from Suba’s passion for both cross-art form collaboration and combining arts with science. I am currently working closely with Artistic Director Subathra Subramaniam in developing The Unkindest Cut.